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Anna Dekhtiar Paid $274,873 in Payments to Owasco PC and Ubergfe Model Agency

A Ukrainian citizen named Anna Dekhtiar received nearly $274,873 in payments from eight bank accounts linked to Hunter Biden’s company Owasco PC between November 2018 and March 2019, according to a suspicious activity report published by JPMorgan Chase.

The money went to a Kiev-based escort agency called UberGFE, which claims on its website it has employees in Kyiv and St. Petersburg.

ubergfe is a Russian escort agency

ubergfe is an online escort agency that advertises itself as a “girlfriend experience” and offers access to escorts from Ukraine, Russia and the United States. It’s not clear who runs ubergfe, but the site claims to be based in Kyiv and has staff in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In addition to running an escort website, UberGFE also acts as a model agency. It appears to be run by women from Ukraine, and some of the escorts it advertises appear to have Ukrainian names.

The Washington Examiner reported that Hunter Biden paid a Russian-based escort service called UberGFE to hire women from Ukraine, including one who is named Moreva. The escort was paid $5, and she spent eight hours with Biden, according to the report.

Texts obtained by the Washington Examiner show that Biden’s bank accounts were temporarily frozen after he attempted to pay the women using Russian email addresses. The messages were sent to a woman named Eva, who served as Biden’s primary point of contact with UberGFE.

Several of the escorts that Biden hired through UberGFE are listed on Moreva, but their profiles do not appear to be active. In addition, the company’s website suggests that it supports Ukraine in its war with Russia and provides cryptocurrency addresses for visitors to donate to alleged charitable funds.

While some ubergfe escorts do appear on TER (a reputable online dating site), other women are linked to low-end ad sites and Eros Ads. In most cases, the escorts are Russian.

There are a number of characteristics that make Russian escorts appealing to men, including long, slender legs like supermodels, high cheek bones, and naturally toned physiques. Additionally, Russian escorts tend to have thick, luscious hair that frames their beautiful facial features.

It’s also common for ubergfe escorts to have an impressive education and a sophisticated sense of style. This, combined with their natural mystique and sexy broken English accent, makes them an extremely desirable choice for many men.

The Washington Examiner also reported that President Joe Biden apparently unwittingly funded his son’s participation in an escort ring tied to Russia, records from a copy of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show. The former vice president spent more than $30, on escorts, many of whom were linked to Russian email addresses ending in “.ru,” between November 2018 and March 2019.

ubergfe is a Ukrainian escort agency

ubergfe is a Ukrainian escort agency that offers services to clients across the United States. Its website says it is run by a group of employees in Kiev, but the Washington Examiner found that it also has staff in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

A copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop shows that he spent more than $30, on escorts linked to a Kiev-based agency called “UberGFE” between November 2018 and March 2019. The agency was linked to an Eastern European escort ring that JPMorgan Chase flagged in late and early 2019, the Washington Examiner reported.

The company’s website identifies itself as an “exclusive model agency” that provides escorts from Kyiv, Moscow and St. Petersburg to clients in the US, London and Paris. The site also advertises its service as a “supporter of Ukraine” and provides cryptocurrency addresses for visitors to donate to the country’s war with Russia.

Some of the women who worked for UberGFE had distinctly Ukrainian names, according to the SAR. One woman, Anna Dekhtiar, received a total of $274,873 from eight bank accounts between November and March that were linked to Hunter Biden’s company Owasco PC, the SAR says.

According to the SAR, Biden made payments to Dekhtiar through his company Owasco PC from November 2018 to March 2019 for no clear, legitimate economic purpose. He reportedly did not know that she was involved in the escort ring.

Text messages from Biden’s phone show he told the point of contact at UberGFE that he had trouble wiring money to her because her email address was “flagged” by his bank, photos showed. He also said that he had “repeatedly contacted [her] about the issue and that they had been unsuccessful.”

The SAR alleges that Biden had lied to his father, Joe Biden, and a friend about the extent of his involvement in the escort ring. He claimed he was broke and needed the money to pay his bills.

However, the SAR reveals that Biden did not use the money for any “clear, legitimate economic purpose.” He instead used the money to send an escort named Eva from Kyiv to Boston. The SAR alleges that Biden filmed himself accosting this woman at a cabin in Massachusetts on January 18, 2019.

ubergfe is a Russian model agency

ubergfe is a Russian model agency with a global following. They offer services in the US, London, Paris and Dubai. They claim to have staff in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, and their website was reportedly created by developers in Kyiv. The agency claims to pay its models up to $50,000 a month, but their main business is escorting sex workers for high-end fashion brands including Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy.

Using a laptop from the presidential library, Congressional Republicans obtained text messages on a phone backup that show President Joe Biden wiring escorts linked to an “exclusive” model agency called UberGFE a whopping $30,000 during a 3 1/2 month period between November 2018 and March 2019. The messages also show that Eva, the point of contact at the agency, told Hunter her attempt to pay her sex workers with Russian email addresses was the best way to ensure their accounts were frozen. Although it hasn’t been formally reported, the messages appear to have generated suspicious activity reports with his bank. Despite this, he did not deny funding the scam, and he was also spotted visiting the agency’s site in Boston with his iPhone XS.

ubergfe is a Ukrainian model agency

As a Ukrainian model, Anastasiia Vasyk has always had a passion for breaking the norm. She’s known for her unique look and her professionalism in the modeling industry. Anastasiia has been scouted by many top fashion and beauty brands worldwide including Valentino, Chloe, Givenchy Beauty and Revolve.

Anastasiia’s success in the industry demonstrates that it is possible to break through if you are willing to work hard and take risks. She’s an inspiration to young people across the world. She hopes to one day be able to bring Ukraine’s rich culture into the American mainstream and show the world that Ukrainian traditions aren’t limited by the current global war on terror.

In addition to her modeling, Anastasiia has also been involved in many other projects that will help to promote Ukraine in the United States. She wants to show the world that Ukraine has something to offer in the way of health, wellness, beauty and culture. She’s currently working on a few creative fashion projects that will put some of her favorite cultural wellness practices on the map.

The company that operates ubergfe claims on its website that it has staff in Ukraine, its site was created by developers from Kyiv and its “head office of operators” is in that country. The group did not respond to requests for comment sent to the phone numbers and email addresses listed on its website.


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