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Artur Ocheretny

Artur Ocheretny is a Russian artist who is famous for his paintings. He has won several awards and his works are well-known. His work is characterized by bright colors and a large amount of details. One of his most famous paintings is the portrait of the Russian president, Nicholas II. This is a masterpiece that will be appreciated by all art lovers. The portrait is considered to be one of the best paintings of the twentieth century.

Early life

Artur Ocheretny’s early life is a mystery, especially considering that he married the former first lady of Russia, Lyudmila Putina. In the past, he was linked to other women, such as Maria Pevchikh, a genetic engineering adviser to Putin’s father.

He has a son with his first wife. The two of them decided to marry after a year of being separated. According to sources, they were married in secret.

He is known for his involvement with a number of sports. His hobbies include cycling and watching football matches. There are also reports that he was a member of the GRU military.

During his childhood, Artur grew up in a small village in Lyubertsy district. Despite his involvement with a number of different careers, he has maintained a relatively quiet life. However, he and his ex-wife have recently bought a villa in southwest France.

When he was younger, Artur was an avid traveler and sports enthusiast. He is believed to have been involved in a number of businesses, including a company that worked with the political party of Putin. Eventually, he became the director of the Center for Development of Interpersonal Communications.

His wife, Lyudmila Putina, is a linguist. She graduated from the Department of Philology at Leningrad State University. Before tying the knot with Vladimir Putin in 1983, she had a career in flight attendants and taught at the University. They lived together for 29 years.

After their divorce, the former first lady of Russia changed her surname to Ochertnaya. She was also reportedly tied to a multimillion dollar property business.

According to reports, her ex-husband, Putin, had arranged a dowry for her. This was supposed to give her value and increase her chances of finding a husband. Sadly, it was unsuccessful.

Ocheretny is estimated to have a net worth of over $3 million. He has registered three companies. His wife owns a posh villa in France. Aside from that, he hasn’t made any major money from any business ventures.

As for the woman he married, he and his wife have a 21-year age gap. Her name was previously known as Lyudmila Putina, but she has changed it since they were married.

Marriage to Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya

If you are wondering what Artur Ocheretny is like, here are some things to know about his life and relationship with former Russian First Lady Lyudmila Putina. The two were married for thirty years and divorced in 2013. They have two daughters. Their relationship is not well known in the public.

Although Artur and Lyudmila have been together for a long time, they were not seen in the media until they were married in 2015. But after they were divorced, they were still close, according to sources. In fact, Vladimir Putin and his ex-wife have worked on projects together.

As a former linguist, Lyudmila Putina attended the Leningrad State University where she studied linguistics. She also taught German there. After her studies, she went on to work as a flight attendant for Aeroflot in Kaliningrad. She also worked for Telecominvest.

Before marriage, she was Moscow’s representative for the company. She also taught German at the university. At the time of her marriage with Vladimir, she seemed to be more a friend to him than a wife. And after they separated, she changed her name to Ocheretnaya. Nevertheless, her official documents registered her with the new name.

Her husband is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is also involved in a publishing company. According to reports, he bought properties abroad after his divorce. This could be linked to a multimillion dollar property business.

In addition to his wife, Artur has a 10-year-old son, who is also named Alexander. It is unclear if the son is their biological child. His family is believed to own several properties in Russia and other countries.

Previously, Lyudmila was a flight attendant, but she has been off the radar since her divorce. There have been no recent scandals regarding her. Nonetheless, she is considered a’special’ person.

Vladimir Putin’s marriage with Lyudmila, as well as his marriage with Katerina Tikhonova, have drawn attention from the public. Several reports say that they were married in secret. However, Reuters has not confirmed this. Despite being a Russian news outlet, it is possible that the story about the two was false.

Relationship with Lyudmila’s ex-husband

If you have ever wondered what happens when a woman who is twenty years younger than her husband starts dating a man who is a couple of decades older, you need not wonder any longer. The recent divorce of Lyudmila Putina and Russian President Vladimir Putin has resulted in a new relationship between the former first lady and businessman Artur Ocheretny.

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Putina, also known as Lyudmila, was a Russian linguist and a teacher. She met her future husband, Vladimir, in Leningrad and married him in 1983. They had two daughters together and their marriage lasted for thirty-one years.

After her divorce from Putin, her surname was changed to Ocheretnya. Her new husband bought several properties in Europe. But, after a few years, the relationship between the pair had a lull.

In early 2010, Lyudmila and Arthur were again linked. It seems that they are not only friends, but that they are also planning to live in a villa in Europe. This news was reported by Russian media. However, the OCCRP has discovered millions of euros in a luxury property that Lyudmila’s husband bought.

In a report by the website Starhit, photos of the couple appeared. While it was not confirmed, many rumors suggest that the two are a secret couple.

Although Vladimir and Lyudmila’s marriage lasted for thirty-one years, it did not end as happily as some may have expected. The couple announced their divorce in 2013, but the Kremlin did not confirm the divorce until April 2014. The former first lady was seen in the media for a brief period.

It is unknown how the two reconnected after their divorce. Alina Kabaeva, the former gymnast, was rumored to be a potential partner for Lyudmila. Many considered her the best eligible woman in Russia.

However, Putin has remained relatively silent on his private life. He has not allowed journalists to enter his home or ask him about his family or his private life.

When he became president, the Iron Curtain fell and Lyudmila came back to Russia. Since then, her public appearances have been governed by state protocol.


Artur Ocheretny’s daughters have been kept out of public view. While Vladimir Putin has been in the spotlight, Lyudmila Putina has been largely kept out of it. According to a report by the Russian news website Sobesednik, the former first lady of Russia has divorced and remarried.

The couple has two daughters, Maria “Mariya” and Katerina. It is unknown how old these children are. They are believed to have been born in 1984 and 1985.

In early 2013, the newspaper Sobesednik reported that the former first lady of Russia had married Artur Ocheretny. The couple married in secret, with documents showing that Ludmila Ivanovna Ocheretna registered as a trustee in her maiden name. DW has not yet been able to contact the family.

While some have speculated that the new wife of Putin is a rock-n-roll dancer, others have claimed that she is an academic. However, the former first lady of Russia is not known to be a socialite. Instead, she has been known to teach German at Leningrad State University.

Before becoming a businesswoman, Ocheretny worked as a flight attendant for Aeroflot. Later, she moved to St. Petersburg to work at a company that partnered with the political party of Vladimir Putin. This company was called the “Art Show Center.” It organised parties for United Russia and Gazprom.

According to a Reuters investigation, one of the daughters might be Putin’s daughter Ekaterina. The 36-year-old Ekaterina is an academic and is also a rock-n-roll dancer.

Ocheretny’s first marriage ended in divorce in 2013. After the marriage, he became a father of two. Since then, he has kept a low profile, maintaining a quiet lifestyle. He owns a villa in France, worth around five million euros. But he has not achieved much success in the business world.

Aside from the villa in France, Kirill Shamalov owns real estate near Ocheretny’s new villa. His property is located near the former president’s new home. Similarly, his ex-wife, Lyudmila, owns a house in Biarritz, a French beach town. Both of these properties are located in an area that is owned by the family of Katerina Tikhonova, one of the daughters of Vladimir Putin.


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