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Astrid Menks is a young woman who has accomplished a lot in her life. She has a career, a family, and many places to go. This article will discuss her background, what she does, and the places she likes to visit.


Astrid Menks is one of the most sought after women in the world. She is the wife of the billionaire Warren Buffet. Her husband is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

The couple met when Astrid Menks was a cocktail waitress. After a few years, they married. During the time, she worked as a waitress and also at a French bistro.

She is a finely educated woman with great personality. She has never shared any of her personal information with the public.

Astrid Menks is an attractive lady with blonde hair. She stands at around 1.65 meters in height. Currently, she is 76 years old.

Her net worth is estimated to be over $20 million. It is also thought that she has three stepchildren. However, her family is secretive and she does not share too much information about them.

She is known to be an avid fan of the actor, director and musician Michael Douglas. She also has a longtime relationship with Warren Buffett. Their relationship was also well-documented in the film, Becoming Warren Buffett.

Aside from being a famous actress, Astrid Menks is also a philanthropist. She has supported several charities. One of her biggest contributions is the charity foundation she and her husband founded. They have donated millions to different causes, including cancer research and education.

Menks does not have any children of her own. However, she has taken on the role of a mother to the children of her late husband.

While she is not open to discussing her personal life, she has not been elusive about her career. She is a former cocktail waitress and a philanthropist. Interestingly, she is of Latvian descent.

Relationship with Warren Buffett

Astrid Menks is married to Warren Buffett, a well known businessman, investor, speaker, and philanthropist. The couple was married in 2006 in a modest ceremony. They live in a home worth $31,000.

Menks is a Latvian born in a small town near Russia, but has lived in Omaha, Nebraska for most of her life. She loves to collect antiques and finds a lot of joy in hunting for great deals.

She was introduced to Warren Buffett by Susan Thompson, who was married to Buffett. Their friendship blossomed and they became close over the years.

In fact, they were photographed together on several occasions. They also appeared at Warren’s functions holding hands.

Buffett and Menks have worked on many projects and charitable endeavors together, but their most memorable event was actually the marriage of their daughter. It was a happy occasion and one that Astrid and Warren were able to enjoy after 25 years of marriage.

Although Buffett and Thompson had several extramarital affairs, they managed to remain happily married. Warren has three children with Susan.

Astrid was not a socialite. She did not attend many parties. But she was a good listener and provided a steady stream of food and other necessities for Buffett.

She and Warren have also been involved in many charitable efforts, including supporting the Henry Doorly Zoo and the local zoo. They both are very active in the community.

Astrid and Warren have no kids of their own. However, they have raised the three children of Susan Thompson together.

When Astrid Menks married Warren Buffett, she took on the role of the first wife, stepping away from her previous role as a waitress and living with Buffett in his home.

Family life

Astrid Menks is a multi-billionaire American businesswoman. She is married to Warren Buffett, a world-renowned investor and a director of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. They are both involved in charitable work.

Menks was born in Latvia. Her family relocated to the United States when she was five. Later, they moved to Omaha, Nebraska. The family worked in a women’s clothing store, and later, they dropped out of the University of Nebraska.

She was a waitress. Later, she worked at a French cafe and a bar. In the 1970s, she began dating Warren Buffet.

She has never talked about her childhood. She has refused to discuss her husband’s life in the media.

Although she is married to Warren Buffet, she has not shared details about her family with the public. She has also not publicly disclosed her net worth.

After her first marriage, Menks became a devoted and supportive wife to Warren. They have raised three children together. Despite their wealth, they maintain a modest lifestyle.

During their marriage, they attended functions and events with each other holding hands. Their relationship was unusual. However, they did not consider it adulterous.

They have been together since the 1970s. Before their marriage, Buffett and Menks were involved in an affair. But they both decided to end the relationship in 2006.

When the two were married, they had a quiet ceremony. At the time, Buffett was 76. It was only for fifteen minutes. He then left town with a freshly laundered shirt.

Astrid Menks is a popular philanthropist. She is very good at what she does.

She is known for her sharp sense of style. She has a discerning taste for antiques and collectibles. Moreover, she is very generous. Both her and her husband have helped in the development of the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.


When Astrid Menks was young, she came to the United States. She started working as a waitress at a local French cafe in Omaha, Nebraska. Later, she would move to San Francisco to work as a nightclub singer. It is believed that she met Warren Buffet while working at the same restaurant.

Despite the fact that Menks has been married to a billionaire businessman, she has kept the details of her personal life secret. This includes her height, family, and educational background. Although she was born in Latvia, she has been an American citizen for most of her adult life.

In 2006, Astrid Menks got married to multi-billionaire Warren Buffet. They exchanged wedding vows on the 76th birthday of her husband. After their marriage, they became involved in charitable endeavors. Their charity involvements include donations to the local zoo, and assuming control of nonprofit organizations that Buffett’s first wife had previously supported.

Though Menks was born in Latvia, she immigrated to the United States when she was just five years old. Her father worked at the Immanuel Deaconess Institute in Omaha. He was also a groundskeeper for the Mutual of Omaha.

When she was twenty-one, Astrid Menks got a job as a waitress. When she was twenty-five, she went to the University of Nebraska, but dropped out when her financial situation became too difficult.

When her parents died, she was placed in foster care. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Afterwards, Menks’s brothers were placed in the Immanuel Deaconess institute. During this time, she was a waitress and performed faux-French menu items for customers.

Before their marriage, Menks and Buffett dated for three decades. They had a complicated relationship, involving a love triangle. While they were separated, they continued to attend events together. Then, when Susan Buffet passed away, they were reunited.

Favorite places to visit

Astrid Menks, wife of Warren Buffet, is one of the most famous women in the world. She is also known for her sharp sense of style. However, she has not revealed a lot about herself. Here are a few things you should know about this Latvian beauty.

Originally from northeastern Europe, Astrid Menks moved to the US when she was five years old. At that time, she lived on a farm in Verdell, Nebraska. The family then moved to Omaha. They worked for the Mutual of Omaha and eventually became involved with the Immanuel Deaconess Institute.

After Susan passed away in 2004, Astrid and Warren continued to live together. They often appeared together at public functions. But they separated in 1977. A few years later, Susan went to San Francisco to pursue a singing career. Although they continued to socialize, they did not see each other as often as they did in the early days.

It was during this time that Astrid started to date Warren. They met at a cocktail bar. They dated for three decades. Before they were married, they worked as waitresses. When Astrid was a waitress, she had a close friendship with Susan.

Warren is a business magnate who is now the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He is also an investor and has been active in many non-profit organizations. In addition, he is a philanthropist and promotes equality.

While Astrid has not made public any details about her family, it is believed that she has three step children. One of her brothers is also a musician. Her mother died when she was in foster care.

According to Astrid’s friends, her father worked as a groundskeeper at the Immanuel Deaconess institute.


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