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AWSAW – Architects, Town Planners, Landscape Designers and Urban Designers Creating Transformative Impact in Warsaw

Warsaw is a pulsing city of constant reinvention. A chip-on-the shoulder rivalry with nearby Prague, a nightlife scene that’s been evolving for decades and a physical rebuilding that’s still underway creates a unique energy.

The historic centre of Warsaw, 85% of which was destroyed in 1944, is an outstanding example of comprehensive reconstruction. Its preservation is a testament to the determination and support of the Polish people.

AWSAW is a group of experts in the field of architecture and urban planning.

The AWSAW team is an interdisciplinary group of architects, town planners, landscape designers and urban designers working across scales to create transformative impact.

Their work is focused on developing spatial practices that foster vitality, equity and resilience within cities and towns. They also conduct research into the political, cultural and urban dimensions of contemporary life and their influence on architecture and space.

They seek inspiration in their reading of a complex and often confusing impression of reality that is filtered through the complexity of culture, history, tradition, the context of place.

AWSAW is a place where they can meet to share their expertise and explore their common vision, as well as a forum for discussion on issues that affect our cities and towns. The group is a platform for exchange of ideas and the creation of a common vision that can be used to create solutions that will make a difference in our communities.


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