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Blyth Dolores Barrymore

The actress Blyth Dolores Barrymore is a very talented and popular actor in Hollywood. Her career has seen her in several movies and television shows, where she has been known for her roles as Dolores Costello and Elizabeth Taylor. However, a few years ago, her popularity started to dwindle. She was a very controversial person and was accused of a number of different things, including abuse of her younger siblings, and a lot of other things.

John Barrymore

John Barrymore and Dolores Costello married in 1928. The couple divorced in 1935. They took time away from their movie careers to raise their children. But Dolores returned to the spotlight.

In 1928, Dolores’ mother died. She had been infected with tuberculosis. Later that year, she met her future husband, John Barrymore. He had been drinking. His alcoholic behavior made him erratic.

When John Drew Barrymore was 17 years old, he signed a film contract. However, he became more and more reclusive. It wasn’t until 1958, when his name changed to John Drew, that he had a breakout in Hollywood.

In his early career, Barrymore appeared in 40 plays. He also starred in nearly 60 films. As a result of his alcoholism, he could barely remember his lines.

As a result of his erratic behavior and addiction, John Barrymore’s career was stymied. At times, he was forced to retire. This prompted his estrangement from his children.

Ultimately, the relationship between John Barrymore and his wife, Dolores, turned to bitterness. Her sister convinced her to divorce Barrymore.

As a result of the divorce, Dolores continued to work in the movies. She appeared in many big-budget productions. During her silent era days, she was known as the “Goddess of the Silent Screen” and had a string of successful movies.

Dolores was also a writer. Some of her works include short stories and a book of poetry.

Dolores’ father, Maurice, had an acting career. Sadly, he developed syphilis. Untreated, syphilis can lead to heart and brain damage.

Although she had success as an actress, Dolores had to fight a hard battle against her spousal abuse and addiction. By the time of her death in 2004, she had been incarcerated several times.

Dolores’ life is chronicled in a book, by Terry Chester Shulman. After her death, her granddaughter, Drew Barrymore, stumbled upon her photographs on social media. She commented that they resembled images from another world.

In fact, the images look as though they were filmed in a different era. With her solemn, feminine look, Dolores has a strong visual appeal.

Dolores Costello

Dolores Costello was an American film actress who made a splash during the golden age of the silent screen. Her performance as the matriarch in The Magnificent Ambersons was a memorable one. She also starred in the classic When a Man Loves.

In the early 1930s, Costello found it difficult to make the transition to the talking screen. Several years of voice coaching helped her get back into the business. But her marriage to Barrymore was troubled. His drinking was a factor, and his erratic behavior caused the couple to divorce in 1935.

As a result, Costello spent the remainder of her life in semi-seclusion on an avocado farm in Fallbrook, California. This lasted until her death from emphysema in 1979. During her lifetime, she was recognized as the goddess of the silent screen.

There are many notable members of the Barrymore family. The famous actor John Drew Barrymore was among them. He appeared in such films as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Sherlock Holmes and The Sea Beast. During his heyday, he was the most popular matinee idol of his day.

Another notable member of the Barrymore family was Drew’s grandfather, Maurice. Born in 1908, he was a stage and screen superstar. At the time of his death, he was 72 years old.

One of his daughters, Diana, was an actress and a memoirist. Other members of the family include Lionel and Ethel Barrymore. Their mother, Mae Altschuk, is also a well-known actress.

Aside from the film industry, Costello remained active in the avocado industry. In addition to her movie career, she also modeled for several years. Among her most notable credits is a performance as the matriarch in the cult classic The Magnificent Ambersons.

Ultimately, her acting career was less of a priority than raising her children. Until the age of forty, she managed the avocado farm. It was in this role that she met her future husband, John Barrymore. After their divorce, they took a break from the film industry to raise their children.


The Barrymore family was famous for its acting. They have been in show business for generations and have inspired a Broadway play, The Royal Family. However, the family has also been hounded by substance abuse. In addition, many of the family members have had to deal with divorces and separations.

Drew and Jessica Blyth Barrymore are the daughters of actor John Barrymore. However, the two were estranged from their father when they were young. During their childhood, Drew started experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Drew was taken to a psychiatric ward when she was 12 years old. She has never been able to kick her habits for good. Instead, she went to rehab multiple times. Despite the fact that she has won awards for her acting and starred in several films, she has been a target of controversy in recent years.

Drew Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975. At the age of 7, she already had a career as an actress. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she started experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

When Jessica was nine, her mother took her to Hollywood parties. Her mother’s best friend was Dorothy Steinbeck, who acted as a surrogate mother for Jessica.

At the age of twelve, Jessica’s half-sister Drew started drinking. In fact, she was alcoholic and addicted to drugs when she was a teenager. This was due to her family’s trauma and rejection.

Jessica’s father had four marriages. The third marriage, with Drew Barrymore, ended in divorce. He was also suffering from drug addiction and had to seek treatment.

During the last twenty years, Jessica and Drew only saw each other twice. Initially, they had been unable to overcome the “Curse of the Barrymores”. Luckily, both half-siblings have managed to overcome the curse.

Today, both step-siblings are working as actresses. They met again recently. Previously, both had been reclusive and not seen each other for years.

As a result, there has been a lot of media scrutiny on the two half-sisters. Many people have been questioning their judgment.

Acting career

The American actress Blyth Dolores Barrymore is a descendant of a 400-year-old acting family. Her father is John Drew Barrymore, and her mother is an actress. She is also a half-sister of Diana Barrymore.

In addition to her film work, Blyth Dolores Barrymore has hosted several television shows. She has also served as an ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program against Hunger. She was named as one of TCM’s The Essentials in March 2012.

Born on February 15, 1882, in Culver City, California, John Drew Barrymore was the youngest child of Indian-born British actor Maurice and aspiring actress Evelyn Nesbit. His parents divorced after the birth of Barrymore. He attended several private schools and a professional school.

At age 11, Barrymore started smoking and drinking. By the time he turned 13, he had begun snorting cocaine. Later, he tried suicide.

As an actor, Barrymore’s most prominent roles were in films about Shakespeare and King Richard III. However, his career began to decline when he became enmeshed in the law. He was suspended from Actors’ Equity for a year in the mid-1950s.

In the 1960s, Barrymore traveled to Italy and worked for several years in low-budget pictures. Eventually, he returned to his homeland and had a leading role in The Sundowners.

In the 1970s, he made several television appearances, such as a guest-starring role on the sitcom “Rachel’s Hope” and the drama “The Life of an American Gentleman.” During this period, he married his cousin Nina Wayne. Their relationship ended in 1994, and they had only one child together.

When Blyth Dolores Barrymore was eight years old, she appeared in her father’s movie, “The Sea Beast.” But the film was poorly received. They eventually had to divorce, and her skin began to deteriorate.

Although her career was halted by substance abuse and other problems, Blyth Dolores Barrymore resumed her acting career after her divorce. She starred in several films, including “George White Scandals of 1924,” which she co-starred with her brother, Lionel, and her sister Helene.


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