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Carson Peters Berger

Carson Peters-Berger is a 16-year-old boy from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He is currently charged with molesting and killing his cousin Lily Peters. Peters-Berger has a history of criminal convictions. His father is a convicted pa*dophile, and his mother has also been on the wrong side of the law.

She was raped and strangled

Lily Peters, a 10-year-old girl, was murdered by Carson Peters-Berger. The young girl was strangled to death with a blunt object. Her body was found covered in leaves, and Carson admitted to killing and raping the child. After being charged with the crime, Carson Peters-Berger was detained and charged with first-degree murder and homicide.

Peters-Berger has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, sexual assault, and sexual assault of a child under 13. The teenager told police that his plan was to rape and kill his victim. The prosecution said Peters-Berger was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the crime. The boy’s mother is Lily’s paternal aunt.

Her cousin, Carson Peters Berger, is charged with her murder

Carson Peters Berger, Lily Peters’ cousin, has been charged with the girl’s murder. She was 10 years old when she was killed. She was beaten with sticks, sexually assaulted, and then murdered. The body was covered with leaves. Carson Peters Berger confessed to the crime and has been charged with first degree murder and sexual assault of a child under thirteen.

The family has a long history of criminal activity. Carson Peters Berger, Lily’s cousin, is listed on a federal sex offender registry and is being held on $1 million cash bond. He has limited contact with his son and the family. However, he did e-mail and call his son on a daily basis and mailed his son a crochet blanket he made in jail.

His father was detained in 2016 for illegal child images

Carson Peters-Berger is a high school student in the United States. He is accused of raping and murdering his cousin, Lily Peters. His father, Adam Berger, spent time in prison for child pornography charges. He was released from the Oshkosh Correctional Institution in April 2021. Peters-Berger attended Chippewa Falls High School. He is best known for the tragic case of his cousin Lily Peters, a fourth grader from Parkview Elementary School in Wisconsin.

Peters-Berger was arrested and is being held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Although he is an adult in the criminal justice system, his attorneys may seek a waiver to have his case transferred to juvenile court. In addition, Peters-Berger has numerous drug convictions.

His mother is now dating a 50-year-old convicted fraudster

The mother of infamous teenage fraudster Carson Peters-Berger has a complicated relationship with the man who committed the crimes. According to reports, her daughter has been involved in several shady activities with the man. Her relationship with her son is even more complicated, as the former admitted to killing her cousin.

As you probably know, Carson Peters-Berger’s mother, Jennifer Eyerly, has been in trouble with the law multiple times. One of her most recent convictions was for defrauding her mother of seven thousand eight hundred dollars by using her mother’s credit cards to make purchases. The family had a dysfunctional home. Carson Peters-Berger’s father was a drug addict. The two were reportedly separated when Lily was just two years old.

His cousin is on the sex offenders registry

Carson Peter Berger is on the sex offenders registry for killing his cousin Lily Peters. Lily was only 10 years old when she was murdered. She was lured into the woods by her cousin and sexually assaulted. She was found dead the next day, covered in leaves. Her murderer confessed and was arrested for first-degree murder and sexual assault of a child under the age of thirteen.

Peters-Berger was arrested on April 27, 2022. He lured his cousin into the woods, sexually assaulted her, and then murdered her. He then covered the body with leaves. He also had pornographic images and comments of young girls stored on his phone.


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