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Chinese Mythology – Revered Master Was Reincarnated As a Baby Fox God Spoiler

Several Chinese mythological stories, including the “Chunai Tianpian” and “The Heavenly Master,” describe a scenario in which the baby fox god Jiang Ziya is reincarnated as a man. But what happened in the actual story is unclear.

Jiang Ziya

Investiture of the Gods is a shenmo novel from the Ming Dynasty. It tells the story of the deification of a demon named Jiang Ziya. The book is also a fictional version of the famous Investiture of the Gods, which traditionally attributed to Xu Zhonglin.

The story begins in Mount Youdou. The gods of the Jingxu Hall have been asking Jiang Ziya to ascend to godhood. However, Jiang is denied the ability to descend. Instead, he spends the next ten years wandering the mortal world, unsure of what to do with his life.

In the meantime, Jiang makes friends with a young girl whose soul is possessed by a fox spirit. The girl, named Su Daji, was given to Jiang as a concubine. She is a talented artist who has an uncanny ability to bring back restless spirits. The pair is eventually banished to the North Sea. Jiang makes a deal with the Master to allow him to guide her to reincarnation.

The best thing about the story is the world building. The Ming dynasty is known for its excellent world building. The novel incorporates several aspects of the real world, such as the Great War and the North Sea. The desert ruins of Jingxu Hall are also featured. The fictional version of the famous Investiture is interesting.

The Holy Hand Grenade is a huge golden guillotine that can obliterate the soul of a target. The device also has other uses, including a nuclear explosion.

Jiang Ziya has a powerful religious belief that he needs to adhere to. He believes that the key to being a god is to be without mercy. His faith is tested when he learns that Nine-Tailed was a murderous customer of his Heavenly Master. Despite this, he is unwilling to allow the girl to be killed.


Throughout Chinese mythology, the Nine-Tailed Fox is an ancient creature with nine tails. This fox demon is a creature of vengeance and anger, and was once the queen of the Fox-Devil Clan. She was believed to be more powerful than human queens. It was also considered to be a pawn of the Heavenly Master. It was believed to have the power to destroy the gods.

The Nine-Tailed Fox was first recorded in the ancient masterpiece The Classic of Mountains and Seas. It was then used to help Yu the Great. The Nine-Tailed Fox is also the symbol of prosperity and happiness since the start. It is said that foxes with enough magic aura can become a Fox Spirit or even become a Fox God the Huxian.

During the Great War, the Heavenly Master promised Nine-Tailed goddesshood if she would start the war against Fox-Devils. However, she failed to deliver on the promise. She also made a deal with King Zhou, a king of the Fox-Devil Clan.

After the death of King Zhou, he was made a god of marriage. He also had the power to conjure literal red threads. He was also known as the Mad God. During his reign, he was accused of numerous atrocities. He was also known for being a murderous customer.

Jiang Ziya was a man of great power, and he was on the verge of becoming god. However, he was betrayed by the Heavenly Master. He was tricked into bringing Daji to the Ruins of Return. The Ruins of Return are located underneath Mount Youdu. The Ruins of Return protect the souls of Fox-Devils. They were thought to be extinct after the Great War.


Known as the Fox King, Bai is the primordial High God. He is one of the few High Gods still left in the world. He also possesses great medical skills. He is also skilled at wine brewing. Unlike other High Gods, he stays out of the affairs of the eight realms.

Bai’s real father is Bai Chang Feng. He is the only son of a famous tiger clan leader. He is also the father of Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu is also a great fan of drinking and falls in love with Dong Hua.

Feng Jiu moved into Tai Chen Palace to serve Dong Hua. However, he was envious of the affection of his mother. Consequently, he became obsessed with her. He began to manipulate her. He eventually became the leader of the tiger clan.

The main heroine in this story is Bai Yan. She is the youngest child of Bai Xiachen and Bai Yan. She has a brother called Di Jin Tian and a daughter called Di Ling Yan. Her aunt is Bai Ran.

Another important character is Bai Jue. She is Bai’s personal attendant. She is the only true love of Bai. She is also the fox queen. She is one of the few people who can give Shang Gu a baby shower. She also has a special bond with Bai Zhen.

Other characters include: Bai Ran, Bai Ruo, Bai Xiachen, Bai Yan, Mu Ying, Wei Sheng Ping, Wei Qing Qing, Yu Rong, Qiu Yue, Snow Lotus, Xuan Nu, Li Jing, Xiao Ling, and Chu Yi Yi.

In addition to the main heroine, there are several secondary characters who also have important roles in the story. They include: Zhongbei, Wei Sheng Ping, Liuer, Hu Bud Wei, Bai Ruo, Yu Rong, Nangong Zhun, Yu Fei, and Lin Yahan.

The Heavenly Master

During the Great War, Heavenly Master (also known as Revered Master) was reincarnated as a baby fox god. In order to regain his powers, he had to undergo apotheosis. However, Heavenly Master reneged on his deification promise. He vowed to make Nine-Tailed a goddess in exchange for starting the Great War.

After the Great War, the Fox Devils were thought to have been hunted to extinction. But when the Heavenly Master was reincarnated as a baby Fox god, it revealed that Nine-Tailed was still alive. He had been reconstituted in a new physical form and had sneered at King Zhou becoming a god.

Jiang Ziya was originally a human, but he had been possessed by the leader of the Fox Clan. Jiang was tasked to slay Nine-Tailed. However, he was banished to Beihai. He had to learn how corrupt the Heavenly Bureaucracy is. He was also tasked with destroying the Heavenly Staircase in order to prevent the gods from intervening.

After destroying the Heavenly Staircase, Jiang Ziya is enraged at the gods of Jingxu Hall. He then breaks the Lock of Destiny, freeing Jiu from Nine-Tailed’s imprisonment. He then destroys the Heavenly Master, his followers, and the Heavenly Staircase.

Nine-Tailed, on the other hand, was reconstituted in a new physical form by Heavenly Master’s hatred. She wants revenge against Jingxu Hall. She also wants to bring back vengeful spirits to the God Realm. She had been malnourished for a long time. She had cries that were weak.

The final scene shows reincarnated characters as children. Jiang, Jiu, and Shen are a part of the final scene. They are drawn to Swallow. They ask if they are reincarnated.


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