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Cyberpunk Reflexes – Leveling Up Reflexes in Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, your Reflexes determines how good your character is at pistols, blades and Assault weapons. As you increase Reflexes, you unlock new skills in each of the three skill trees.

One of the best skills to pick is Steady Hand, which reduces recoil for all handguns by 20% and is a great quality-of-life upgrade. This is especially helpful for players with weaker Reflexes and a hard time aiming.

Attritional Fire

Putting points into the Reflexes attribute will increase your Crit chance in combat, which will make you more likely to drop people with clean headshots. This is a great perk to consider if you’re looking to build a more versatile character with a wide variety of weaponry, whether it’s a katana, forearm-mounted mantis blades, revolvers, or assault rifles.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t over-do the Reflexes perks. These perks are best used when you have plenty of perk points to spare, or if you’re looking to take a more versatile character with the ability to switch up your weapons in battle.

The Reflexes Skill Tree is one of the most useful in Cyberpunk 2077, with a lot of perks to unlock. This perk tree is full of great boosts that will turn you into a Gunslinger of the dark future.

Attritional Fire is a passive perk in the Reflexes skill tree that increases your damage when you fire consecutive rounds with pistols or revolvers at the same target. It requires level 14 in the Reflexes Attribute to be unlocked.

It also removes the damage penalty from pistols and revolvers when you fire from a distance, which can be incredibly helpful for a stealth pistol build. There are a few other perks in the Handguns Skill tree that can help you out, though this one is probably the most powerful. The Grand Finale perk for example increases the damage you deal when you use a pistol or revolver to kill an enemy. You can also increase your crit chance with pistols and revolvers by increasing the number of times you shoot from a range or with a pistol or revolver.

O.K. Corral

Despite having a relatively short duration, Cyberpunk Reflexes is still a challenging and entertaining shooter. Fortunately, Pilar has several perks that make it easier to take down her enemies.

One of the best is O.K. Corral, a perk that increases the damage dealt by Pistols and Revolvers. This is a great perk for finishing off low health enemies.

The perk also has a cool bonus: it lets you deal 50% more damage when shooting the bad guy with a handgun or revolver. It is a must have for anyone who plays the game to a high level.

In the spirit of maximizing your chances for success, it is important to know which perks are the best for what you want to achieve in the shooter genre. This includes deciding which perk is the most appropriate for each type of weapon you use. It is also important to select the optimum mix of skill points for each perk, as this will help you maximize your performance. Getting the best of all these factors is the key to becoming a master Cyberpunk 2077 player.


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Reflexes is a Skill in Cyberpunk 2077 that can be increased to give your character new and more powerful abilities during combat. You can increase Reflexes by increasing the associated Skills in three different Skill trees: Handguns, Blades and Assault weapons.

There are a lot of skill upgrades that can be acquired by increasing Reflexes, but they can sometimes be quite costly. For example, upgrading Reflexes to level 4 will grant you access to a skill that increases the damage of your weapons by 25%.

Another skill that can be upgraded by increasing Reflexes is Cool, which increases the Crit Chance of your weapon by 10%. This can be a big boon to your damage output during combat, as it can help you take down opponents with ease.

Eagle Eye

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Cyberpunk 2077 allows players to build their characters in three ways: Attributes, Skills and Perks. The Attributes are your character’s basic building blocks, the Skills give them more depth and the Perks add new abilities or passive buffs to those skills.

For example, if you want to build a Shooter character with an emphasis on guns and explosives then you need Attributes and Skills that give you increased damage output and gun handling while aiming down sights. For instance, Eagle Eye and Bullseye would be great for this kind of build as they both reduce the time it takes to aim down sights with rifles and submachine guns.


Reflexes is the main Attribute that controls maneuverability, Evasion and weapon damage. Leveling up this Attribute increases your chance to avoid enemy attacks by 1% and weapon damage by 3% per level. It also governs a variety of different weapons, including blades and handguns, along with Assault Rifles, Precision Rifles and Sniper Rifles (precision) and Shotguns, LMGs and Blades and Monowires, all of which have high headshot damage multipliers as well as improved Crit Chance and increased attack speed.

The Reflexes Skill Tree is one of the most important ones in the game, as it increases your damage with many different weapons, ranging from pistols to assault rifles and sniper rifles and SMGs. This is where you get access to skills that boost your weapon damage and the effectiveness of your armor and other tech items, so increasing your Reflexes can give you a massive boost in combat.

However, the downside to boosting your Reflexes is that it can slow down your movement. This is why it’s crucial to pick up the Acrobat perk as soon as you can.

Another must-pick skill that changes your mobility is the Mitigation perk, which reduces damage taken from attacks by 50%. This is especially useful in the early game where you need to make good use of Quickhacks and Intelligence to open shortcuts.

If you’re looking for more options, you should consider picking up Breach Protocol and Quickhacking as these are both excellent skills for making your stealth abilities even better. You can use them to hack into cameras and turrets, which can help you create distractions as you sneak around your enemies.

Cyberpunk Reflexes is a great build for those who want to rely on stealth and mutilate their enemies with daggers and knives. As such, it’s important to pick up Reflexes and Cool as your main Attributes and bolster them with the right Perks.


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