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EPLPX Review

If you’re looking for a new investment, you may want to look at the EPLPX fund. This fund offers a combination of alternative and traditional investment options. This fund pays a front-end sales charge and a 12b1 fee. The front-end sales load is 5.5% of the investable assets and the 12b-1 fee is 0.25%. In this EPLPX review, we’ll cover the fund’s key stats, buy and sell analysis, and alternative investments.

Investing in Mainstay Epoch U.S. Equity Fund Class A (Mutual Funds [USMF])

The investment objective of Mainstay Epoch U.S. Equity Fund Class A (USMF) is to produce a long-term capital gain by investing in equity securities of U.S. companies with growing free cash flows. The Fund’s process for security selection focuses on both free cash-flow analytics and traditional accounting-based metrics. It aims to invest in companies that have a consistent ability to generate free cash flow and intelligently allocate this cash flow.

The fund invests primarily in stocks, with a moderate allocation to bonds and money market instruments. It is currently managed by a team of experts and has an aggressive investment philosophy. The fund has a track record of outperformance, and its management fees are very reasonable. Its expense ratio is 0.69%. This is lower than the average fund of similar funds.

In 2008, the Fund grew at an annual rate of 4.9%, making it a great option for investors who are looking for a high-risk/return investment. The fund also has a low turnover rate.

Fees associated with investing in Mainstay Epoch U.S. Equity Fund Class A (Mutual Funds [USMF])

The Epoch Investment Partners, Inc., which serves as the Fund’s Subadvisor, focuses on companies with increasing free cash flow and effective management. Its security selection process combines free cash flow analytics with traditional accounting metrics. Its goal is to identify companies that consistently generate free cash flow and intelligently allocate it amongst different investment strategies.

The fees of this fund are quite reasonable when compared with other mutual funds. Its fee structure is based on a percentage of assets. It charges a total of 0.60% per year, which is low when compared to other funds. It is also able to offer diversification beyond traditional stock portfolios. For example, it invests in diversified portfolios that include emerging market stocks. It also invests in small-cap stocks.

The value of fund investments can fluctuate, particularly when the market is experiencing significant changes. These changes can be sudden and unpredictable. In addition, the Fund may suffer from periods of high volatility and reduced liquidity. It may also experience losses, particularly if its securities are concentrated in emerging markets.

The fund’s fees are disclosed in its prospectus. Generally, Class I shares are capped at 0.35% of average daily net assets. Small account fees are excluded from this amount. The fee structure is effective until 2/28/23. The fund will automatically renew for a one-year term thereafter.

Value of Mainstay Epoch U.S. Equity Fund Class A (Mutual Funds [USMF])

The value of a mutual fund’s assets can vary greatly depending on how its managers assess the investment. One measure of an investment’s value is the distribution rate. This number is calculated by taking the most recent dividend distribution and dividing it by the daily share price. Another measure is the 12-month rate, which takes the total of trailing 12-month dividend payments and divides that amount by the closing share price of the previous 12 months.

The overall performance of a mutual fund is measured in relation to other funds in a category. For instance, if a fund is ranked at the 75th percentile for US equity funds, it would have a score of 37.5. The next step in calculating the overall performance of a mutual fund is to multiply that number by the number of funds in that category. This process is repeated for every category.


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