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Explore the Art and Culture of Lorano Carter in Jacksonville, Florida

When considering the right place to move to, Jacksonville has plenty of options. The city offers a diverse array of art galleries, restaurants, and other services. It’s also home to the Miss Teen USA Pageant and the Port Division. Visitors can also explore the city’s diverse culture and explore its rich history.


Former Georgia outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter is an intriguing player in the 2018 NFL Draft. Listed as the 5th best outside linebacker in the draft, he is projected to go somewhere between the 40th and 50th overall. Despite his size, he plays a powerful style of defense, and is highly regarded in his position.

Although he was drafted by the Giants in the third round, the former Georgia star didn’t have a productive season last year. He didn’t record a single sack during his first 13 games, but managed to post five sacks in his final four games. His athletic ability will help him quickly adjust to a new defensive scheme, and he isn’t likely to struggle as a rookie.


The DIA’s board of directors appointed a panel of four to evaluate the works of Art Lorano Carter of Jacksonville. Carter’s work is influenced by the works of local architect Taylor Hardwick, who designed the Haydon Burns Library, Friendship Fountain, and Jessie Ball duPont Center. In his work, form and function are balanced, and his pieces often evoke the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Jacksonville Symphony members also presented Mozart’s Defiance, Piano Concerto No. 24, along with Jean Sibelius’ Symphony No. 1 in E minor. The concert was live streamed, so anyone can view the performances in full. Jacksonville Symphony members are grateful to the Mayo Clinic for their sponsorship of the Florida Blue Classical Series.

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Art venue

The Lorano Carter Art Center is a community arts center dedicated to providing quality art exhibits, art education, and scholarship programs. Donors and individuals who support the center make it possible to hold a wide range of exhibitions and events. The center accepts proposals for exhibitions on a yearly cycle, and considers all forms of media. In addition to presenting art exhibitions, Carter also hosts public talks and offers critiques for student art students.


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