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Fictionmania and Other Erotica

You can discover many different genres of stories on Fictionmania, which is a website dedicated to fiction. The site features an archive of stories that are submitted by users. To be eligible for publication, a story must be genre-specific and deal with issues related to gender exploration. The site also provides MPAA ratings for the stories, and some stories are set in alternate universes. For example, one fantasy universe has received over 500 submissions.

Transgender sex fantasies

There are several websites that cater to transgender sex fantasies. Some of these sites offer a wealth of free stories, while others are more limited in scope. In the case of FictionMania, you can find thousands of transgender sex stories as well as erotic image depictions. Moreover, you can also participate in a transgender writing group, which encourages members to write their own stories and receive feedback.

Before you can join FictionMania, you must first agree to its 8 important terms and conditions. To be able to participate in the community, you must be of legal age, do not find transgender porn actions offensive, and agree to indemnify FictionMania from any legal action. Once you’ve agreed to these conditions, you can sign up to use your own nickname and username. The registration process takes less than a minute. However, you’ll lose your username if you do not visit the site for 180 days.


Fictionmania is a site for fiction about gender exploration and cross-dressing. The site features an archive of stories and novellas with gender exploration as a central theme. Stories can be rated R or G and some stories are set in alternate universes. One fantasy universe, for example, has over 500 submissions.

Many male cross-dressers use breast forms, which are silicone prosthetics that traditionally are used by women who have undergone mastectomies. They usually wear modern clothing. However, there are some male cross-dressers who prefer to dress in vintage clothes. They also enjoy wearing multiple petticoats, corsets, girdles, and garter belts and nylon stockings.

Forced feminization

Fictionmania is a website that hosts fictional stories that explore gender and identity. These stories are often erotic, but there is a wide variety of genres and subjects covered. The stories explore everything from transgender identity to crossdressing and gender transformation. These stories are not intended to be serious reads and are geared toward young adults.

Body swaps

FictionMania is an online site dedicated to TG fiction. The site won the first annual Excellence in Transgender Fiction Award in 1999. Plenty of people gave their hearts to this website long ago, and have continued to add content and polish existing stories. Now, they welcome you to join the community and read TG stories.

Other erotica

FictionMania and Other erotica is a website that hosts fictional stories exploring gender. These stories are usually erotic, but some of them are also fantasy or science fiction. They cover topics like gender transformation, transgender identity, and crossdressing. You can even find stories about people who are interested in these topics.

The site has more than 33,000 stories, which is a great number. There are many different categories and tags to help you find the perfect story. There are also erotic stories for transgender people and transvestites. The site also has plenty of stories with romance, revenge, erotica, fetish, and funny stories.

Contributing to the site

If you are a writer and would like to contribute to the world of fiction, consider contributing to Fictionmania. The site is a free archive of user-contributed stories. The stories are not particularly politically or stylistically progressive. Over the last 25 years, the site has collected over forty thousand stories.

There are several ways to contribute to FictionMania. The site features a community of transgender writers who work together to promote and read TG fiction. FictionMania has been recognized by the readers of the International Transgendered Online Magazine, which awarded it the First Annual Excellence in Transgender Literature in 1999. Contributors have contributed their time and hearts to the site for many years.


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