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How to Hide the Emperors Child Chapter 1

If you are looking for a manga series that you can read online, you should try How to Hide the Emperors Child. It’s a story about a girl named Astelle who is pregnant with the Emperor’s child. Before her pregnancy, Astelle focused on her dance training. However, now that she is pregnant, she’s been locked away in the palace.


Astelle, the one-day empress of the empire, is pregnant with the emperor’s child. She has recently separated from her husband, Kaizen, and has settled in the countryside with her newborn son. But Kaizen needs her help to take over Meilen’s territory, and Astelle is caught in the middle. Astelle must decide whether she can keep the identity of her son secret from Kaizen.

Fortunately for fans of this manga, chapter releases are relatively even throughout the series. The 44th chapter is scheduled to be released on July 14, 2022. In the upcoming chapter, we’ll learn more about Theor’s fate and how it will affect his family and his relationship with Astel. It’s likely that her reaction will be troubling.

Empress Dowager

“How to Hide the Emperor’s Child” is a YA fantasy novel published by Tapas Media. The book has been out for over a year and has received positive reviews from fans. As of the time of writing, the novel is currently on a weekly release schedule, with a chapter scheduled to be released on Fridays and Saturdays. The next chapter will be published on June 7, 2022. It will focus on the fate of Astel and her majesty.

This chapter deals with the aftermath of the conversation between Astell and Kaizen. Kaizen has finally opened up about his feelings, and Astell was amazed at the intensity of his emotions. Astell made a promise to continue the relationship with Kaizen, and the plotline of How to Hide the Emperor’s Child is continuing to unfold.

Empress Dowager’s friend

Astelle, the Empress Dowager’s friend, knew that the emperor’s child could not grow outside the imperial palace. She knew that her life was unimportant in the eyes of Kaizen and that she could not make a difference once he became emperor. Hence, she hoped to disappear quietly and without taking up too much of Kaizen’s time.

The emperor feared people and the truth and was suspicious of people. This made the immediate suite difficult. As a result, the Emperor delegated his authority to his Empress when he left for war. Despite his distrust of the people, the Empress had the power and the will to handle the situation.

Astelle’s motive for hiding the emperor’s child

Astelle’s motive for hiding the empress’s child is unclear, but there are some possible clues. It’s possible that Astelle may be hiding a long-running secret from the emperor. The previous chapter had a lot of good things, but also brought on new problems. It was mostly about having fun for Serbel, Astelle, and His Majesty, but we also learned about Astelle’s allergy to strange fruit.

One reason Astelle would keep the emperor’s child hidden from His Majesty was the danger it would pose to Theor if the emperor discovered his identity. In addition, there were enemies in the castle and it would be very difficult for Astelle to protect her son inside the castle. In addition, she’d have to deal with the children of the new empress.

Astelle’s relationship with Kaizen

Astelle was young when she first met Kaizen. She had never taken off the necklace that Kaizen had given her. As she grew older, she recalled the formal letters that he wrote to her when she waited for him to come home. As she got to know Kaizen better, she began to understand his intention to hide the child. Kaizen had been thinking of abandoning Astelle from the beginning.

The two share an unconventional relationship. Astelle is the one-day empress of the empire. She divorced her husband when she found out she was pregnant, and now lives in the country with her son. Kaizen has come to claim the territory that Meilen once held, and he needs Astelle’s consent to do so. But Astelle has her own motives.

Astel’s relationship with Kaizen

Astel and Kaizen’s relationship is a key part of the plot in How to Hide the Emperor’s Child. Their relationship began as childhood friends. The two are forced to marry, but Kaizen is not happy about the fact that he has to have children. They had an unconventional relationship and Kaizen eventually demanded a divorce when he became emperor. Kaizen believes that his relationship with Astel will be a happy one once they divorce.

When Kaizen was in charge of the temple, his men told him that his daughter, Astelle, had gone there. They were about to read the will of the late empress Dowager. He was surprised to see her in rags because she did not wear the usual lace ornaments and jewels. Astelle also looked worse than the common clothes. She looked even less beautiful than the maids of the imperial palace. Kaizen thought she was impudent and shady.


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