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JoinPD – Is JoinPD Right For Your Classroom?

If you’re looking for an educational technology platform that can help you control the activities of your students, you’ll want to check out JoinPD. This system allows educators to restrict and direct the activities of students and share presentations. Teachers can also contribute content to the system. Read on to learn more about this useful tool. Then, you can decide if it’s right for your classroom. But first, make sure you’re ready for some restrictions.

JoinPD is an educational technology platform

JoinPD is an educational technology platform that has been designed to meet the needs of both teachers and students. Its features allow teachers to easily create and manage presentations and monitor student progress. Teachers can also create and manage assignments. Once a presentation is created, teachers can give the students an access code to participate in the presentation.

JoinPD is powered by Pear Deck, an educational technology company founded in Iowa in 2014. The platform is completely free for teachers and students to use. Pear Deck was able to raise $500,000 in seed funding in December 2014. The free platform allows teachers and students to share and receive quality academic sessions.

The software is easy to use. Teachers can upload a presentation using JoinPD and generate join codes for their students to join. Students can listen to a presentation using a browser or a mobile phone. Pear Deck is free for educators, but schools can subscribe to a premium membership to access all materials.

The JoinPD platform was designed to allow users to join live presentations by teachers in the classroom. Students can join the presentation at any time and ask questions in real time. JoinPD is a popular tool in the education sector in the United States.

It allows teachers to restrict and direct the activities of students

Teachers can restrict access to sessions and student activity. With the Join Pd system, they can control which students have access to certain sessions. For example, they can restrict access to a specific session by domain or email login. They can also see the names of their students next to their responses. To restrict access to a specific session, teachers can open the roster of all students and block them from accessing it.

JoinPD also allows teachers to create presentations and distribute them to students. This allows teachers to restrict student activity and prevent students from editing submitted answers. It also helps teachers track the progress of all students. Students can only access presentations and materials if they have a teacher’s access code.

It allows teachers to contribute presentation content

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation software that turns classroom presentations into classroom conversations. With it, teachers can easily engage with learners of all ages and create powerful learning moments. Pear Deck uses active learning and formative assessment principles to improve the quality of teacher-created presentation content. To participate in a presentation, teachers must login to JoinPD.com with a Pear Deck account.

The platform was developed with teachers in mind. While this system was initially intended for educational institutions, anyone can use it to share questions and contribute presentation content. The goal is to make learning more interactive and efficient. The first step is to create an account with Pier Deck. This will generate a code for the presentation.

There are two types of accounts available for teachers on JoinPD. A teacher account allows teachers to create presentation content, generate representative code, and distribute it to students. Each teacher can also monitor student performance. Teachers can even prevent students from editing answers. However, they need to pay a small fee for additional features.

Teachers can also share their presentations with students using JoinPD. They can add a Google Drive presentation to JoinPD, and then give their students the link. The presentation will also have explanations and suggestions that can help them understand the content. Once a teacher creates an account, they can begin teaching online. They can share their presentation content with their students and share it with other educators.


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