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Location of Loranocarter and Newton Grove

Whether you’re planning a trip to Newton Grove or Loranocarter, there are several things you’ll need to consider before you go. These include the location, reputation, and hours of operation.


Located in the heart of Central Virginia, the Location of Loranocarter and Newton Grove is a wonderful combination of rural charm and modern amenities. It is a community of 569 residents that have been chartered in 1879. It is home to many of the local landmarks including a historic service station that has been in business since 1959. Located at the famous circle in Newton Grove, the landmark station continues to operate under the same husband and wife who started it all. The location of Loranocarter and Newton Grove is an easy commute from Richmond and Roanoke, VA, making it an ideal place to live, work, and play.

Hours of operation

Whether you’re a Newton Grove resident, a loranocarter or just passing through, you may want to know the hours of operation at two local institutions: the Bryan Memorial Library and the Beehive Thrift Store. Both locations are operated by U Care Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers resources to help people who have been affected by domestic violence. The Bryan Memorial Library opened in 1983 and houses an extensive collection of books and audiobooks for children and adults of all ages. The Beehive Thrift Store opened in the summer of 2016, and serves as a way to help victims of domestic violence find clothing and other items they can use.


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