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LoranoCarter + Conway Resort

Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway, a place to get some exercise, or a place to unwind, LoranoCarter + Conway is a great place to visit. The resort is situated on the outskirts of the town, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the countryside. There are various activities to take part in, including fishing, yoga, and spas.

A nature sanctuary

Located in the town of North Conway, New Hampshire, the Helen Dahl Sanctuary is a nature sanctuary protected by NH Audubon. It protects a floodplain forest community comprised of Silver Maple, Sugar Maple, and White Ash trees. It is also home to riparian vernal pools, flood channels, old oxbows, and sand deposits. The understory supports breeding amphibians and denning mammals.

The sanctuary is open year-round for public exploration. During the breeding season, you may see waterbird species. The area is also known for its open cobble barren, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding region. The sanctuary has a hiking trail that leads through the woods and ends at the open cobble barren. You can explore the area on a self-guided walk, or you can join the free guided tours that are offered. You can also purchase a membership for a family of four for $50. Buying a membership will allow you to enjoy the sanctuary on a daily basis.

This nature sanctuary was donated to NH Audubon in 1988 by Helen Dahl, who was an avid bird watcher. The sanctuary is located near LL Bean on Route 16 South. The Wetland Reserve Program holds a conservation easement on the sanctuary.


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