HomenewsLoranocarter+Petal in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Loranocarter+Petal in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Petal, Mississippi is home to more than 10,000 people and is one of the largest unincorporated towns in the United States. It separated from Hattiesburg in 1882 and now has one of the highest per capita incomes in the state. The city provides both economic and social opportunities for its residents. The city also has many historical sites and provides numerous public programs.

The town received its name after the turn of the century when East Forrest County established a post office in Petal. At this time, the town had a resident named Irving Polk. He and his wife, Lydia Polk, had a daughter named Gladys Petal, who died at two from diphtheria. A portrait of Gladys Petal is now displayed in the Petal Civic Center. She was buried in the Hattiesburg city cemetery.


The dead body of a woman found in Hattiesburg has been identified. The deceased is 24-year-old Katlyn Carter. A preliminary autopsy shows no signs of foul play, but no further details are available at this time. Police are searching for additional suspects. They are hoping to find out who was responsible for the death as soon as possible.

Historic resources

The John Carter Building, a landmark of Hattiesburg’s historic district, will soon be reborn. Formerly known as the Faulkner Building, the building sits on the corner of Front and Main Streets. With its handsome stature and strapping details, the Carter Building is an essential piece of Hattiesburg’s Downtown revitalization.


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