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McDonald’s Halloween Buckets

If you’re in need of a little Halloween fun, you might want to consider re-purposing a few of those old McDonalds buckets that you see in the stores. Not only can you make them into houseplant receptacles, but they can also serve as percussion instruments.


The history of McDonald’s Halloween buckets stretches back to 1986. These famous prizes were initially introduced as a Happy Meal option. They featured a Halloween-themed cookie cutter integrated into the container.

After a few years, McDonald’s redesigned the buckets with new graphic designs. The first version included a trio of Jack O’Lanterns. Later versions featured different expressions. Some of the faces were more cartoonish, but the classic design had been abandoned.

Buckets also dipped into a series of themes, including Scooby-Doo and Mr. Potato Head. By the 2000s, they were available in ghost and pumpkin shapes.

McPunk’n and McWitch were also part of the collection. In the early ’90s, McWitch added a pointy hat. The McPunk’n pail was orange. It wore a traditional grin. He also had a frightened face and a sinister smirk.

The era of the classic buckets ended in the late ’90s. However, they did make a comeback in 1999. That year, the design was revamped with wraparound images of the McDonald’s characters.

This year, the buckets are expected to return. Nightmare Nostalgia reports that McDonald’s is considering bringing them back.

A spokesperson for the company has yet to confirm or deny the reports. Still, some fans are taking the rumors seriously. Others wrote on Twitter that they would line up to buy all three buckets.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, you can find them at eBay. You can also get your hands on a bucket-themed sweatshirt. Each one sells for $25.

Despite the changes, the buckets have become a staple in the Halloween world. And for Millennials, they’re a reminder of their childhood.

Although the McDonald’s Halloween buckets will likely not return this year, fans are excited about the possibility of them being brought back.

Repurposing the buckets

If you’re looking for a unique Halloween decor, try using McDonald’s Halloween buckets. They’re now available to buy for a limited time at participating locations nationwide. Originally designed in 1986, they can be repurposed as planters, a Halloween costume, and more.

McDonald’s first introduced its Halloween buckets in 1986. Back then, they were orange and jack-o-lantern-shaped. Although they were sold for a short period, they remained a staple of the chain’s Happy Meal kids meals.

Over the years, the company has offered them in different designs. For example, the 1992 redesign featured cookie cutters. Now, the buckets are largely the same, but they have been redesigned to include two-dimensional silhouettes etched into the handles.

McDonald’s hasn’t released Halloween buckets since 2016, but it’s planning to re-introduce them for Halloween 2022. In the meantime, the fast-food chain is highlighting five ways to re-use them.

One of the most popular uses for the bucket is as a planter. In addition, fans have also used them as purses, musical instruments, and other fun accessories.

McDonald’s has not been offering Happy Meal buckets in recent years, but they have been on the company’s social media pages for a long time. As a result, fans have been excited about the possibility of the buckets returning. But, it wasn’t until recently that the fast-food chain finally confirmed they’re coming back.

McDonald’s is releasing several special Halloween products, including a Happy Meal with a toy, a trick-or-treat basket, and more. These products are only offered for a short period of time, but they’re sure to be a hit. The company has also teamed up with TikTok creators to produce a series of videos showing fans how to re-use the buckets.

Making them last longer

There is a long history of McDonald’s Halloween buckets. Originally introduced in the 1980s, these happy meal pails are the perfect accessory for any Halloween party or trick-or-treat event.

The buckets are available at participating restaurants throughout the United States until October 31. During this time, they can be purchased as part of a Happy Meal or Happy Meal toy. You can use the buckets for trick-or-treating, or for other uses, such as storage.

They are sold in three different designs, with each featuring a spooktacular character, such as McPunk’n, the McGoblin, or the McBoo. These designs were also accompanied by two-dimensional silhouettes embedded in the handles.

For a few years in the ’90s, the buckets were more elaborate, including cookie cutters. Some even had a black bat attached to the handles.

McDonald’s first introduced a Halloween Happy Meal in 1986. Each happy meal was served in a plastic bucket that doubled as a trick-or-treat container. However, the buckets were redesigned in 1992, and included a Halloween theme.

After a six-year hiatus, the buckets are making a comeback. The buckets will be on sale at participating locations starting on October 18 and will last through Halloween night.

According to a press release, the buckets will not be an exact replica of the original buckets. Instead, they will feature a few of the same aspects, such as three different faces on the outside, but they will not include the same lids.

While the buckets will only be available for a limited time, they are the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season. You can purchase your buckets at participating McDonald’s restaurants.

The Happy Meal and its accompanying pails are sure to bring back memories of a simpler time. Although they are not a part of the current menu, they are worth a trip for nostalgic kids and adults alike.

Using them as houseplant receptacles

One of the more anticipated Halloween treats of the season is McDonald’s Halloween pails, which are a modern day update on the ubiquitous Happy Meal containers. Unlike the cheesy paper containers of yore, these plastic buckets have a little magic to them. Aside from replacing the old fashioned paper containers, the novelty of the new Happy Meal buckets is expected to keep sales on the upswing. The aforementioned Boo Buckets are available at participating McDonald’s restaurants until October 31.

While it’s not surprising that the buckets come with the standard McNuggets, you may be surprised to learn that there are other types of grub on offer. For example, the new Happy Meal buckets are paired with a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. There is also the option to try a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a Hot Cinnamon Roll. It should also be noted that the buckets are not limited to the month of October. As of now, these are only being sold in selected stores across the US.

While the buckets are not the only Happy Meal novelty on the market, they are certainly among the most coveted. In the United States alone, the buckets are available at participating McDonald’s restaurants. If you’re looking to stock up, you might want to consider visiting the local drive-thru for the best deal. Despite the hype, the aforementioned buckets aren’t cheap. You’ll have to be willing to shell out a little more for your dollar if you’re in the mood for a bucket of chicken.

So, what’s the big buzz around the buckets? Certainly, the aforementioned Boo Buckets have been the subject of a lot of speculation. Whether or not the company makes them a staple of its menu remains to be seen.

Making them percussion instruments

McDonald’s is giving customers an opportunity to buy Halloween buckets. These pails are available for a limited time, and they are only sold while supplies last.

The buckets can be purchased at participating restaurants throughout the country. They come in two colors: orange and green. You can use them as a trick or treat bucket, or even a festive planter.

The buckets can also be used to play music. Percussion instruments are an important part of music education. There are many instruments that are free, or very inexpensive.

Among them are sticks, mallets, and drums. Each of these can be used as an individual instrument, or as a part of a percussion ensemble. A drum kit, however, is more expensive.

This year, Mcdonald’s is offering a special Happy Meal featuring three different Halloween characters. The meal includes a cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, and a small drink. It is available only until October 31, though.

As part of its sustainability initiative, McDonald’s is trying to eliminate all fossil fuel-based plastic by the end of 2021. Until then, it is bringing back the classic Halloween Happy Meal buckets.

The Happy Meal will also include tiny fries and apple slices. Originally, the buckets were orange. However, some fans have reused them as flower pots all year round.

Customers can purchase the buckets at participating locations until Oct. 31. After that, they will be out of stock. Luckily, McDonald’s has shared five ideas on how to repurpose the buckets.

One of the most creative uses for these pails was using them as a percussion instrument. If you want to learn more, TikTok has several videos that show a variety of other uses.


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