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Milesplit NJ Updates

The most popular times for milesplit NJ updates are at 08:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 00:00 PM. The latest updates are posted on this account at least once every two hours. It is best to follow it to stay up-to-date with all of the latest road races happening in New Jersey.

Brick City Invitational

A track meet in Milesplit, NJ, has been found to be a fake. While six teams were listed as competing in the Brick City Invitational, athletic officials for some teams have said they’ve never heard of the meet. A parent of an athlete at one of these schools complained to the NJSIAA.

This meet, which is allegedly held on May 22, is under investigation. There are many questions, but the main issue involves the meet’s timing. NJ MileSplit is the de facto timekeeper for track and field events in the state. In this case, the timing and results were allegedly falsified, and the meet has been suspended for an investigation.

Brick City Invitational was listed on well-known track website

When the Brick City Invitational was listed on the well-known track website, NJ MileSplit, a parent complained that his athlete’s school was not listed. But a search of MileSplit found several New Jersey schools that participated. Among the schools listed were Immaculate Conception of Montclair, West Side, Benedictine Academy, Notre Dame, Centralville TC, and Greater Oaks TC.

But what were the results of the Brick City Invite, which was allegedly held on May 22? MileSplit, a well-known website for NJ track and field events, says they were incorrect, and the coaches apologized. But that is not all that happened. There are other troubling results associated with the meet.

Brick City Invitational was allegedly hand-timed

A complaint has been filed against the New Jersey State Association of High Schools Athletic Associations by the parent of an athlete who participated in the Brick City Invitational in Milesplit, NJ. The meet was advertised on the NJ MileSplit website as a meet between six New Jersey high schools. The parent complained to MileSplit, which deleted the performances and relayed the information to the NJSIAA. The meet was sponsored by the Newark Flames Track Club. Centralville TC and Greater Oaks TC were listed as teams that competed at the meet.

The Brick City Invitational was allegedly held in Milesplit, NJ on May 22. The runner’s time was more than two feet off his personal best. This is not the only issue surrounding the Brick City Invitational. A number of other fishy results were also reported.

Brick City Invitational was not entered in the database

After noticing that his school’s meet was missing from the MileSplit database, the parent of an athlete who participated in the meet contacted MileSplit. The company removed the performance attributed to Immaculate Conception of Montclair and relayed the complaint to the NJSIAA. According to MileSplit, the meet was sponsored by the Newark Flames Track Club. But the results listed Centralville TC and Greater Oaks TC, two New Jersey schools that do not appear in MileSplit’s database.

After receiving numerous emails, the NJSIAA decided to investigate the case. The team that ran the meet pleaded innocence, but it was later discovered to be a fake. In the database, the Brick City Invitational was listed as a meet on May 22, 2017. The results showed that it did not take place on that day.

Hasbrouck Heights boys’ 1,600 race

The Hasbrouck Heights boys’ 1,600-meter race took place at milesplit, New Jersey, on Friday night. The race was contested between rivals Glen Rock and Hasbrouck Heights. Each team had to finish in the top five to win the race. The final score was 44-43 1/2, with the winner going on to win the NJIC meet.


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