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MyDecadeTV – A Nostalgic Trip Back in Time

If you enjoy watching your favorite TV shows from the 70’s, MyDecadeTV is an app worth checking out. This retro style TV app has a nifty interface. It uses CH V/CH buttons to change channels and an easily-accessible filter panel to choose what you want to watch. There is also a Music Video filter panel that lets you choose whether to watch music videos or not. Another nice feature is the animated glow that surrounds the TV tube. It adds a touch of realism, though some viewers may find this distracting.


The MyDecadeTV website offers a nostalgic trip back in time. You can watch classic TV shows from the ’70s and ’80s. The site also has commercials, music videos, and movie trailers. And you’ll find that these channels come with fully functional controls. You can turn the TV on with the power button, change the volume using buttons on the set, and even use video filters and effects to change the way the show appears on screen. This website is a customizable hit of pure nostalgia.


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