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MyOLSD – A User-Friendly School Website

If you are looking for a school website that offers a student-based communication system, MyOLSD might be the perfect choice. It is a user-friendly tool that makes it easy for students to access important information. This website has several features, including a sign-up tab that allows students to create their own accounts. Once you have registered, you can access the system by entering a username and password.

Logging in

MyOLSD is an online portal that provides parents and students with convenient access to school information. This platform is available online for both registered and non-registered users and offers many benefits for users. Besides logging in to view and update course information, MyOLSD is also a great way to communicate with colleagues, classmates, and lecturers. It also allows students to access their Google Drive and Schoology accounts. You can also find events and maps of schools within the district.

Olentangy Local School District is one of the most well-known school districts in Ohio. It has several elementary and middle schools and five high schools. It offers numerous services to students, parents, employees, and community members. Using MyOLSD, you can view grades, courses, attendance, and other important information. You can also access your email accounts and find phone numbers and mailing addresses of staff members.


The MyOLSD portal allows students, teachers, and staff to log in to the system and access tools. Students can also access information about their attendance and grades. Staff members can manage their personal profiles and view employee benefits. Parents can also view district policies and attend school events. A student hotline is also available through the portal to help students report inappropriate activities and contact district officials.

Students and staff can also access MyOLSD, an online portal run by the Olentangy Local School District. It is an online platform that provides students and teachers access to tools that help students learn more. Teachers can also access resources for their classrooms and interact with other staff. Staff can also access apps such as BrainPop and Discovery Education, which can help them learn about different subjects.

Creating groups

Creating groups is a useful feature in MyOLSD. It lets you manage the groups of your contacts. You can also add a new group. The process to create a new group is simple. First, click on the Manage Audience drop-down and select “Add contacts.” Then click on “Creating Groups” to expand the options. Then, enter a name for your new group and an overall category. You can even choose to add more than one group at a time. Once you’ve created a group, you’ll see a success message.

After creating a group, you can start communicating with your students. You can use groups to share files, announce events, or share information with your students. Teachers can also create groups to communicate with parents, provide study materials, and send personalized email notifications to their students.

Getting access to data

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