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New Naomi Bernice Bell and Lillie Mae Minter

Lillie Mae Minter grew up in Thomas County, Georgia and attended Magnolia High School and Lincoln Brown School. She later came to Albany, Georgia in the late 70s, where she was a Deaconess at Mount Zion Baptist Church. In her time as a Deaconess, Lillie Minter took on many initiatives for kids and groups.

She was a member of the NAACP

Naomi Bernice Bell was born on September 27, 1921 in Sandersville, Georgia. She attended the University of Georgia Nursing School and graduated in 1942. On December 28, 1946, she joined the military and served as a nurse at the Tuskegee Army Air Base, Brooks Army Air Base in Texas, and Percy Jones Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan. Bell died of cancer in 1975.


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