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Porodo Gaming Chairs From Kenya

If you’re looking for a quality gaming chair, you might want to consider the Porodo gaming chairs. These chairs are made to be comfortable and durable, and they also come with a sleek look.


The Razer Enki gaming chair isn’t your grandmother’s swivel seat. With a premium price tag, the quality is on par with other top-of-the-line chairs, and the comfort and support factor are a step above. This chair comes with a three-year warranty, and a no-hassle 14-day return policy, making it a worthy investment.

One of the more impressive features of the Enki is its design. The cushion is a plush, textured fabric that molds to the curves of your head. Similarly, the back isn’t as rigid as it could be, and the base is a sturdy aluminum frame. Another notable feature is the aptly named “mood” function, which adjusts to the amount of lighting and temperature of your surroundings.

The Razer Enki gaming chair’s main strength lies in its ergonomics. Its padded lumbar is an excellent spot to rest your posterior while tackling the latest video game titles. And the snazzy-looking armrests offer a plethora of positioning options. But the real trick is in getting the most comfortable position. Thankfully, this isn’t too difficult, thanks to the chair’s intelligent tilt system.

T-Pro 2

The T-Pro 2 Gaming Chair from Anda Seat is a comfortable, durable chair that fits well in a home office. It features a wide seat that supports taller gamers. Designed to accommodate up to 210cm, it’s ideal for gaming, watching TV, or working.

The backrest has dense moulded foam that will provide support for hours of gaming. A lumbar and neck pillow are also included.

The chair has a sturdy metal frame and adjustable arm rests. These armrests can be adjusted in four directions. There is a lever on the right side of the seat that locks into position when the handle is released.

The T-Pro 2 is designed with a premium look and feel. This is the result of the use of linen fabric for the upholstery. Linen is a soft, smooth fabric that will not stick to skin on warm days. In addition to providing comfort, it makes the chair more office friendly.

The T-Pro 2 is made of six main pieces. You will receive a base, a high density mould shaping foam cushion, and individual arm rests. Those are surrounded by a black velour panel.

Porodo Professional Gaming Chair

The Porodo branded’signature’ gaming chair is the stuff of gaming aficionados. It is also one of the most comfortable and ‘high tech’ chairs available, making it a worthy addition to any gamer’s collection. And, the fact that it’s a high tech, high end product, means a high price tag, which can be a good thing for your wallet.

One of the most exciting things about the’signature’ model is its stylish appearance, which is sure to entice even the most hard-core of gamers. But, the most important attribute of all is its versatility, which makes it ideal for the family room, bedroom, or den. To top off its opulent offerings, it is backed by a savvy and well rehearsed business plan. As for the quality of its workmanship, it’s nothing to complain about, but a bit of TLC would go a long way. After all, you’ll be spending many hours in the seat of yore, so it’s best to treat it like your prized possession.


When you’re playing games for hours on end, you want to have a gaming chair that will help you stay comfortable. The Porodo Professional Gaming Chair is designed to offer you a lot of comfort. It’s made from PU leather and has an adjustable backrest. This makes the chair more comfortable to sit in and also helps you focus on the game.

For hardcore gamers, the Porodo Gaming Chair is the perfect solution. It features an elegant design and a sleek finish, making it easy to sit in for long periods of time. It’s also equipped with a Class 3 gas lift, an adjustable armrest, and lumbar support. You can even get a seat cushion with a quality leather quilt. With the Porodo Professional Gaming Chair, you’ll level up your game.

If you’re looking for a stylish and high-end chair that will make your room look more sophisticated than an office, the Porodo Gaming Chair is the answer. It’s priced well and offers a variety of design choices.


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