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Relationship Status and Mental Well-Being

In the beginning stages of a relationship, the two people who are involved have to get to know each other. This includes learning about each other’s interests, status, and their family life. It is also important that they get to know what the other is looking for in a relationship. This can help make the relationship better and more enjoyable.

Relationship status

In a recent study, relationship status is associated with a variety of psychological measures. This includes self-esteem, depressive symptoms, and relationship quality. However, the association between the corresponding mental well-being measures is less pronounced. Specifically, there is a tendency for the association between relationship status and mental well-being to moderate. Therefore, a model should be built that incorporates both relationship status and relationship quality in order to better understand the relationship between these two variables.

A relationship status model was constructed that included a control variable at age 16. Relationship status models are typically built with only one or two predictors. The main one is the aforementioned marital status question. These categories include: married, cohabiting, dating, unmarried, and widowed. Additionally, the relationship was tested against the reported living arrangements.

Family life

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