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The Lorano Carter Delmar Initiative

The Lorano Carter Delmar Museum is a wonderful place to learn about and enjoy art. Located in the heart of the city of Saint Louis, Missouri, the museum is dedicated to displaying works of art in a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, ceramics, and more. There is also a children’s area that lets kids create their own work of art. The museum offers art lessons for all ages, and offers a variety of special events, such as the annual summer art show. It is also one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

St. Louis ArtWorks’ next generation

For over 30 years, St. Louis ArtWorks has been beautifying concrete barriers along the Delmar Loop. This year, the organization has rebranded itself, moved its home base, and launched a new website. They have also tapped a cadre of young artists for the task of creating the next generation of loranocarter+delmar. In the grand scheme of things, the old gang has been replaced by 32 newbies, all of whom are tasked with a mission that includes a well-designed, albeit short, list of things to do.

They have also thrown their hat into the ring by launching an Indigogo campaign to raise the necessary funds. The website features a handful of eye-catching videos, including a short video that explains how a team of young artists and technicians transformed a concrete barrier into a work of art. They also have a handful of other features, such as an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. The organization has been a nomad for a while, moving between the Grand Center and Old North neighborhoods before finally settling into its current digs. They are also the most productive arts organization in the city, a claim they intend to continue to make.

The organization has been around for a while, but has had a resurgence in the past few years. In addition to its usual slew of public art projects, the organization is now working on a slew of new and exciting programs, including an annual summer arts camp. Among their most notable initiatives is an ongoing collaboration with the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which is slated to reimagine the bus stop at the intersection of I-44 and Delmar Boulevard. They also recently started a program that encourages car-free lifestyles.

Bringing art to the corner of Hodiamont and Delmar

The Main Street Connection, a Missouri-based nonprofit, has approved a three-year pilot program to boost design and economic development along the Delmar Boulevard corridor. To begin, four committees will work together to identify two or three areas of focus. The goal is to collect feedback from businesses, residents and stakeholders. The feedback will then be analyzed and used to improve the neighborhood.

The new program is the result of many years of discussions from the Main Street Center’s branches, who have been interested in a pilot project for the Delmar neighborhood for a while. There are several areas of development along the corridor, including the Maker District in University City, the Castle rehab project in Clayton, and the Lofts@Euclid rehab in West End St. Louis.

The latest project, a renovation of the abandoned 1920s apartment building called the Castle, is in the works. A Clayton-based developer plans to bring it back to life. Aside from that, they plan to build a new 200-unit apartment building that will join the other projects in the area. They’re also working with the Metro to put in a solar-heated bus stop.

As a result, the neighborhood is undergoing a quiet evolution. A number of blocks north of the Delmar district are in the process of redeveloping. The Craft Alliance, which moved to the area last year, is one of the organizations that is helping to shape the corridor. Its work includes an apprenticeship program that allows people to learn professional skills.

In the past, a number of institutions were born in the Delmar District. The Delmar District has a rich history of melding cultures, and there are plenty of origin stories for those who live there. But a racial and socioeconomic divide has formed over the years. That has resulted in some blocks becoming more segregated than others. This will change as more developments get approved along the corridor. The most recent is a $84 million project that will include a remodeled building that will house office tenants on the ground floor, while a 25,000-square-foot shared office space will be on the upper floors. The new building will also be a shared facility for local non-profits.

The main goal of the initiative is to strengthen the area’s economy and revitalize the downtown. In addition to that, a new bus stop will be erected to encourage car-free lifestyles. There will be a public art component as well. The first phase of the pilot will begin Wednesday with a series of community meetings at St. Louis ArtWorks. The project is expected to launch with a grand opening in June. For more information, contact Keith Winge.

The Delmar Main Street Initiative is a collaboration between the Missouri Main Street Connection, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Delmar Neighborhood Association. It is part of a nationwide network that aims to promote, preserve, and strengthen the areas of historic importance.


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