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The Loranocarter+Mansfield Collection at Parsons School of Design

Designed by Lauren Carter and Mansfield Warshaw, the high-end fashion label Loranocarter+Mansfield emphasizes high-quality fabrics and construction. Its clothing is handmade and available in a variety of styles, including accessories. The label also offers home goods that help its customers live a stylish life.

Parsons School of Design

The Parsons School of Design is a private art and design college in New York City, located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. This institution offers a unique experience to students looking for a challenging yet supportive atmosphere. Its diverse student body makes it an excellent place to learn and develop your design skills.

The school’s mission is ambitious and challenging, and it inspires creativity and innovation. While the campus is located on Manhattan, students often live off campus. While there are dorms available, these are primarily reserved for the first-year students. However, this does not mean that Parsons isn’t for you.

This New York City art school offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. While the school is a small institution, students are expected to work closely with one another. Small class sizes and a variety of backgrounds make the educational experience unique. Students can take classes that focus on design, business, and the arts, as well as the social sciences.

Barnes was interested in fashion and knew about the Parsons campus from watching the show Project Runway. Parsons’ Fashion Studies program blends communications with marketing. Many students who graduated from the program went on to pursue careers in fashion marketing, curating, and public relations. Although she was initially interested in studying in New York, she also decided to apply to the Paris campus, where the fashion school had a campus.


Lauren Carter and Mansfield Warshaw are the brains behind the successful women’s fashion brand Loranocarter+Mansfield. The label’s design philosophy revolves around high-quality fabrics and construction. The clothing is made to be comfortable and flattering to the wearer. The brand also offers accessories and home goods. The goal is to provide women with all of the necessities needed to live comfortably and stylishly.

The artists of Loranocarter+Phoenix’s work have achieved worldwide recognition for their creativity and use of bold colors. Their art has been displayed in numerous museums and art galleries, and they have received numerous awards for their work. The duo has extensive experience in drawing and painting, and their work focuses on mythological creatures.


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