HomenewsThe New Album by Clifton and Loranocarter

The New Album by Clifton and Loranocarter

The new collaboration between soul singer Clifton and artist Loranocarter is an amazing mix of styles and sounds. The result is soulful, intense music that blends together beautifully. The album is available through Loranocarter’s website, as well as at select retail stores.

Her career as an artist

Caroll Michels began her career as an artist in New York and Europe, eventually establishing a footing in public art and landing prominent museum exhibitions. But her career was not without setbacks. According to her biography, she spent about 85 percent of her time on administrative tasks, leaving only 15 percent for creative expression.

She taught painting at the Royal College of Art for seven years, and also taught at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Cobham, Surrey. A monograph was published in 1995 by Mel Gooding, covering her career up to the time of her marriage to Julian Trevelyan. Her second book was published in 2007, by Christopher Andreae.

Her products

Based in Phoenix City, Arizona, Loranocarter+Littleton is a full-service advertising agency. The team has over 25 years of experience in the industry. The company offers everything from branding and website design to public relations and social media marketing. Its goal is to help companies increase sales and brand awareness.

The team members are college students who share a love of the arts. They enjoy reading and spending time with their families. In addition to the business, they enjoy living in a beautiful and stable community with excellent educational resources. The work of the two talented artists is inspiring and enlightening.

Her hometown

Haley Lifton is a former tennis pro. She was born in 1909 to Samuel and Ethel Lifton. As a child, she was traumatized by stories of war and witnessed the impact of war on her father. Despite this, she believed a Vietnam veteran who claimed to have been involved in the My Lai massacre. She went on to interview this veteran and learned about his experiences and how the war affected his family.


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