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The Roadmap to Inclusion

During the spring, there is a renewed sense of hope and a desire to explore new ideas. There are also more opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around you, and this is especially true in the realm of the arts. In fact, many painters are focusing on this time of year to capture the beauty of spring in a variety of ways.

Office solutions for lean startups

Whether you are looking for a coworking space in D.C., or just starting out on your own, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of them is what to look for in a lean startup office solution.

The Lean Startup approach is about putting a process in place around your product development process. It creates order and provides tools to test your vision continuously. And while it may be difficult to actually implement, the resulting order and productivity is well worth the effort.

The true measure of the Lean Startup is not just the number of failures, but the number of successes. The process involves adapting plans incrementally and measuring progress. It also involves validating learning to reduce the development process.

Inclusion of underserved communities

NIHR-INCLUDE has published a roadmap of intervention points that can be applied to the lifecourse of research to promote the inclusion of underserved communities. It includes a strategic overview of intervention points across the research lifecycle, examples of good practice and advice on how to address the barriers that prevent inclusion. In addition to this, the roadmap identifies a number of strategic points that may be used by individual projects and by delivery teams to help improve inclusion. These intervention points include: Identify the research and policy environment that can support inclusion Support the development of good practice Develop a research-informed approach to inclusion Establish a framework for deliberating the inclusion of underserved communities Develop a set of intervention points that can help improve inclusion Develop a set of interventions that can help improve inclusion Improve the governance and oversight of research to promote inclusion Promote the inclusion of underserved communities In addition, there is a suggested framework of questions that can be used to guide deliberations about inclusion, including those of funders and researchers.

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