HometechnologyUSPhonebook Review

USPhonebook Review

USPhonebook is a free website that lets you search for people and businesses using their phone numbers. It covers over 2 billion records with more added daily.

The company also offers reverse phone lookups and public records information. This is a powerful tool, but it can be very risky if used wrongly.


Usphonebook is a free, reliable, easy to use, and privacy-friendly service. It lets you search phone numbers, addresses, and identify fraudulent callers. It also has an opt-out page, which lets you make sure that your personal information is not included in the database.

If you’re looking for an alternative to USPhoneBook, there are plenty of other services that can provide you with a lot more information than USPhonebook does. One of them is Inteligator, which can provide you with lots of information on anyone in the United States using just their full name and location.

Another option is CellRevealer, which offers a wide range of reverse phone lookups. It’s also a very versatile tool that allows you to look up a number of different things, including the person’s social media profiles and other contact details. It’s a great tool for reconnecting with old friends or relatives who have moved away. It can also be used to identify spam callers.


Usphonebook is a free service that allows users to perform searches on people using their phone numbers. It offers detailed results and regular updates to ensure accuracy.

Its user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to do a reverse phone search quickly and easily. You can also look up other details like family members, email addresses, and possible associates to get a full picture of the person you’re researching.

You can also opt out of information from websites like usphonebook if you want to keep your privacy intact. This can give you some breathing space from telemarketers and reduce the risk of being the victim of cybercriminals.

While this is a useful tool, it can also be unsettling. Having too much information available online can be weaponized against you by members of certain demographics who are unhinged and prone to bullying or harassment.

Easy to use

USPhoneBook is a simple to use and privacy-friendly website that offers a free reverse phone lookup service. This service helps you to find out more information about a number by scouring billions of records online.

It is a safe and legal tool to use because it collects data legally from telephone directory white-pages and public records. It also offers a simple and mobile-compatible layout for easy browsing and search.

You can perform a reverse phone lookup for any 10-digit number using this site. Then, you can get a detailed report about the person behind the number.

If you want to know more about a person or you are wondering if someone is a scammer, you can use USPhoneBook to find out all the information you need. The site will provide a list of details such as age, former & current residences, family members, and email addresses.

However, you should be aware that USPhonebook is one of many data broker websites that could give strangers access to your private information. So, it is important to opt out of USPhonebook as well as any other data broker sites you may come across.


USPhonebook is a powerful tool that allows you to search for a person’s phone number, address, and other personal information. It also includes a reverse phone lookup feature that allows you to find out who owns a certain number.

However, this feature can be dangerous if someone wants to use it for identity theft or fraud. That’s why it’s important to opt out of these directories if you don’t want your information to be shared with others.

You can opt out of a directory like USPhonebook by visiting their website or calling customer support and requesting that your data be removed. This will stop your name, address, and phone number from being published in a digital directory and keep you safe from telemarketers and other solicitors.

Another privacy-friendly option is Infotracer, which has a vast database and is easy to use. It offers a complete list of all the details behind a person’s phone number, including their full name and address, relatives and associates, and even their previous addresses


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