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Valentine Adlon

Valentine Adlon is an American actress. She is the daughter of actress Pamela Adlon and actor Felix O. Adlon.

She is known for her role as Sam Fox in the FX series Better Things.

She is also an actress in Blockers. She is an acclaimed actress who has starred in many movies and TV shows.

Net Worth

Pamela Adlon is a well-known actress, voice artist, screenwriter, and producer. She is a favorite for providing her husky voice for Bobby Hill in the animated series King of the Hill.

She was born on July 9, 1966, in New York City. Her father is pulp science fiction author Don Segall, and her mother is English.

Her siblings are Gideon and Odessa Adlon. They all have a strong connection with their parents and are well-known in the industry.

Valentine is a teenager who has yet to prove her worth. She is a brilliant student who is focused on her academics. Her parents and sisters have a very positive impact on her life and support her in all ways.


Valentine Adlon is a popular American actress. She was born in 2004 and is 17 years old as of now.

She grew up in a beautiful home with bundles of love and care from her mother, father, and two lovely sisters. She belongs to a prominent family with her father named Felix O. Adlon who is a film director and her mother named Pamela Adlon who is an actress and producer screenwriter.

She has four grandparents named Percy Adlon, Don Segall, Marina L. Segall, and Eleonore Adlon but her aunt/uncle is still unknown on the internet.


Valentine Adlon is the daughter of American actress, screenwriter, director, and producer Pamela Adlon. She also has two siblings, Gideon Adlon and Odessa A’zion.

She is also the granddaughter of German director, screenwriter and producer Percy Adlon and his wife Eleonore Adlon. She has also had the pleasure of having a number of grandparents who are in the film industry, including Marina L Segall and Don Segall.

She is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 44 kg (97 lbs). Her body measurements are 33-30-34 inches, and she has hazel eyes and black hair. She is a young girl still completing her high school education in America.


She is a popular American actress. She is also a voice artist who has done various voices in animated shows.

She has a good body shape and her weight is about fifty kilograms. Her height is five feet and one inch.

She is a famous actress, screenwriter, producer, and director. She is best known for her role as the voice of Bobby Hill in the cartoon series King of the Hill. She has won an Emmy for her work on the show.

Body Measurements

Valentine Adlon is a 20-year-old American actress and model. She has been in the media since she was born, and her sexy looks and charming acting prowess have earned her fans across the world.

Her first notable role was as Liv in season five of Nashville. She then starred in Ladyworld and Let’s Scare Julie.

She has also worked in TV shows and movies like Blockbuster (2018), The Mustang (2019), and The Craft: Legacy (2020). Her other starring roles include Netflix’s ‘The Society’.

She has a slim body that measures 33-25-34 inches of chest, waist and hips. She weighs around 55 kg. Her eyes are hazel and her hair is dark brown.

Social Media Accounts

Gideon Adlon is a talented young actress who has starred in several films and television series. Her most recent appearance is in Netflix’s ‘The Society’ as Becca Gelb.

She has amassed a huge fanbase on Instagram and Twitter, where she posts photos of herself wearing vintage clothing or looking stunning in various locations. She also likes to post her thoughts and news about her upcoming projects.

She is the eldest daughter of actress Pamela Adlon and director Felix O. Adlon, and she holds dual US and German citizenship through her father. Her parents divorced in 2010 and she moved to Germany with her father.


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